About me

Nocturnal greetings my ladies and gentlemen. I am the night spirit. A spirit of the north. Since a young age I have been fascinated with the occult and the tarot (yes, in that order…).

Many people have a fascination for the tarot and in my opinion only a few seek to actually understand it. In this blog I will write about my thoughts and philosophy of the tarot. All too often I find that a lack of a proper tarot philosophy or the proper understanding of what a tarot deck actually is can be what is holding many readers back from progressing. And with this blog I hope to shed some light on those things that I think could help improving your own reading skills.

Perhaps you already guessed it, but in my not so humble opinion, there is no such thing as an easy path to success. It will require hard work and effort. Even for those who claim to be talented.

I like to challenge and to be challenged. And in particular for this blog I will be challenging a lot of the “popular beliefs” of the tarot.

I do readings for people sometimes when I feel like it, but obviously requests for free readings are always ignored.  I do not do tarot readings for a living simply because it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. I haven’t tried to and as it looks now it is going to stay that way.

Update February 2019: I have decided to expand the themes of my blog to also include topics related to spirituality, philosophy, witchcraft and magic.