Fate and Opportunities

Today I wish to share a few thoughts around the concept of fate and how it relates to opportunities. At the moment I am in the middle of a much needed career change. It took quite a bit of courage to resign from my job and start on something new, but when I finally did it, it felt much like a relief.

Having that said I never thought it would be easy, and I can say that it has not been. I am sure I am not alone about this, which is why I am writing about it, from a spiritual perspective of course, as everything else is on this blog. My experience is that it can be rather scary. The argument here is that fate itself can seem rather scary.

I really do not know if I am being guided down a very specific path, which definitely is a possibility. When I started out I outlined a few opportunities to go ahead. One by one, I see these opportunities disappear. Largely due to events that are outside of my own control. The good thing is that these have been the options that have seemed realistic, but not really appealed to me. So even if I wanted to pursue one of these directions they have suddenly been removed as viable options. My point here is not to cry about what is not to be, but the fact that seeing these opportunities that once were part of your long term planning are doors that are being shut with a loud bang can be a frightening experience. It can easily leave you feel powerless. When this happens it is easy to focus on all the doors closing in front of you and it is impossible to know if that also will be the case with the only remaining open door. Luckily, it does not seem to be so. The most unlikely scenario, but the only one I really could ever hope for seems to not only be a way, but the only way that follows the plans I had made. This really makes me wonder if I once again am pushed in the direction and that my apparent choices have been illusory all along.

It is not the first time I feel this way. In many of the big events in my life it has felt like they have been staged. Opportunities have often presented themselves at a convenient time. Sometimes they have been too good to not act upon.

The upside is quite obvious. When this happens and the choice “is made”for you, it is now possible to focus all the energy in one direction. Again, this feels a little bit like I am being guided through by fate rather than really having any choice.

So rather than concluding, I will end my post with a question this time. Does fate work how I described it here?

The Night Spirit