Definitely not recommended

So I had this idea that I would pull a card for a contemplation session. After contemplating on the card I would put it under my pillow at night and hopefully see some effect from it. Definitely not recommended! I say that, because it is fairly common advice to give to people if they want to contemplate on the card meanings. My result though was a wrinkled tarot card. And it was from a nice deck too.

I am not against contemplating cards meanings and try to get some kind of deeper understanding of the meaning through your dreams, but don’t place it so it could get wrinkled. Personally I wouldn’t use a tarot deck where the cards aren’t in equally good condition. So the result could be that I would have to get a new copy of the deck instead. Luckily though, it wasn’t that wrinkled so it was still usable.

Probably it would have the same effect to just focus on the card before bedtime and put it on the nightstand instead.

So this is just a short “best practice” tip to tell you all that it is not something I recommend doing.

-Thus spake the Night Spirit

5 of Pentacles

An unsuccesful contemplation attempt resulted in a wrinkled 5 of Pentacles from the beautiful Thelema tarot deck. Not the most positive card in the deck though. So maybe it added a new layer of meaning to it.

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