Tarot readers – are they psychic?

A lot of people wonder whether tarot readers are psychics or what the connection is. And sometimes you will find that your clients are after testing your abilities as a psychic. Some tarot readers claim to be psychics and others don’t. In my opinon it is an irrelevant discussion.

The reason for that is that there isn’t any good tangible definition of what a psychic is or what abilities you need to classify yourself as a psychic. So what is really the point of using a classification that really doesn’t say all that much? Non-existant in my book. Probably it will create more problems  for you to define yourself as a tarot reader as a psychic, because people will always have made up their own thoughts and definitions of what they think a psychic should be like. Some people are clairvoyant and see visions and images, others can hear sounds and others again just get thoughts just jumping into their head seemingly from nowhere or have strange sensations. There are also varying degrees of it happening, which is why it makes very little sense of talking of being psychic. There isn’t a clear threshold and you cannot be “a little bit psychic” or “extremely psychic”. Either you are psychic or you are not, and that definition does not hold. So better not be using it at all.

Whether or not you decide to classify yourself as a psychic, it does nothing to improve your accuracy as a tarot reader. Some people do readings in which they claim to speak with the departed or spirits, but that’s the thing – then it is no longer a tarot reading. Then it is something else. And I think it is important to be clear about that. It is when you use your tarot cards as the focus point of your reading that it is a tarot reading. It doesn’t mean that is worth less, after all, it is your results and what you get out of the reading that matter.

So even if I  try to”connect” with something for a tarot reading and use all my senses and input that I can get. It just doesn’t make any sense to classify myself as a psychic. I find that it limits my abilities and put the focus away from what is really being important in a tarot reading.  After all, most of us, are there to help the client and perhaps give them a little coaching along the way so that they can make better decisions.

– Thus Spake the Night Spirit



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