The Magician and the High Priestess

I hinted slightly at these two characters at the end of my previous post whom I both feel quite strongly about. My impression of the tarot community today, is that there is a slight imbalance between these two characters and what they represent, when it comes to what you need as a tarot reader. I find that the feminine and passive energies are being the most dominant ones, but both of these character traits that you can find in these cards need to be represented.

When you are a part of a minority in a community you will always feel that way to some extent. And that is exactly how I feel when frequenting tarot forums or if I go to a regular spiritual convention. For some reason feminine energy seems to be predominant, and I write feminine “energy”, because that is what it is about. It is not about gender. For some reason there are many homosexual men with a feminine vibe into tarot (not judging anyone here, so please don’t be offended). My point though, is that the feminine qualities of the High Priestess are often being used for the wrong reasons. And also tend to get too much emphasis.

I absolutely agree that the intuition of the High Priestess is important in tarot reading. Intuition must be a natural part of the process, but it is incorrect to rely on intuition and talent alone. That is why we need the Magician to take on that active role and bring in that willpower to study and acquire skill. Too often I find that people are looking for talent in replacement of doing the hard work. That is what kind of balance the Magician can offer. And believe me, people absolutely hate to hear that. A lot of people just automatically shut down if any effort is needed.

The idea that intuition is the most important has been popularized by tarot tutors and is being taught to people. Most probably because that it is easy and intuitive to learn tarot is exactly what people want to hear to open their pockets. To be fair it is not all that hard to learn tarot, but teaching it that way just because people are willing to pay for an easy way out is not the right way. Intuition is important, but it is not equivalent to “talent” or “no effort”.

It is also equally true though, that you cannot only study and acquire skill and completely ignore the understanding of how to utilize it. There must be some sort of balance. When you study though, eventually, the knowledge will be internalized as tacit knowledge and it will present itself to you in a more intuitive way when you draw upon it. That is when you also will be able to make the connections between cards and so on even if you are having difficulties with putting it into your own words. You are using both and cannot have one without the other. The intuitive forces of the High Priestess and the willpower of the Magician are both needed to get to the point where using intuition actually makes sense to create something meaningful.

Oh, the irony of this being something I “feel” so strongly about!

-Thus Spake the Night Spirit


The Magician and the High Priestess from the Shadowscapes Tarot

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